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UNITED WE WON! CUPE 3902 + CUPE 3261 Tentative Agreements Reached!
2023-24 | Tentative Agreement | Unified Bargaining | Unit 1 | Unit 5

UNITED WE WON! CUPE 3902 + CUPE 3261 Tentative Agreements Reached!

On Sunday March 3rd, for the first time ever, all five units of CUPE 3261 and CUPE 3902 sat side-by-side at the table during our final pass of counter proposals. Many hours later and just minutes before midnight, we received the university’s final offers, and signed historic tentative agreements.

Megaphone announcing a new Unit 1 Bargaining Bulletin
2023-24 | Bargaining Process | Unit 1 | Unit 5

CUPE 3902 + CUPE 3261 Joint Bulletin (March 2, 2024)

In the summer of 2023, you and your coworkers in CUPE 3902 and 3261 began a unified bargaining campaign. Together, over 8,000 workers had a vision for what the U of T should look like as a university and as a workplace – a vision that starts with a living wage and better working conditions….

Unit 5

📌 U5 Bargaining Survey

Dear postdoc friends, ARE YOU A UNIT 5 POSTDOC? Unit 5 Postdocs are currently negotiating a new Collective Agreement with the University. These contract negotiations are your opportunity to improve your compensation and working conditions. As part of this process, your Bargaining Committee has launched the 2023 Bargaining Survey.

Unit 5

🗳 Bargaining Committee Election

Dear postdoc friends, I am writing to provide information about the Unit 5 Special Membership Meeting to elect a Bargaining Committee, which will take place Wednesday, 9th from 5-7 PM. Here is the agenda package. At this meeting you will elect up to five members to join the Bargaining Committee which is tasked with negotiating a new collective agreement for Unit 5 (Postdocs). You…