📌 Bargaining Bulletin 9: Vote Yes in the Unit 5 Strike Vote!

Unit 5 Bargaining Bulletin
February 9, 2024
Bulletin #9


On Feb. 5 and 8, the Bargaining Committee (BC) met with the employer. We introduced a “global proposal” for a fair contract—including an extended fourth year for the Collective Agreement (CA).

  • A global proposal allows the employer to assess our demands in their entirety, including thoughtful revisions to our original proposals, with the goal of timely ratification.
  • Including a fourth year in the CA will allow us to align our bargaining timelines with other units and locals at U of T, dramatically increasing our future negotiating power through coordinated bargaining.
  • We are discussing details of a revised benefits plan: we currently have the worst cost-share and coverage of any unit. We are working to ensure that this changes without introducing unaffordable premiums, and on a timeline that benefits us now (not just in two years).
  • Postdoc salary clawbacks imposed when we accept teaching appointments, even when research duties do not change, are unfair. We are pressing the employer to eliminate them.

Your BC has been in bargaining since early October, and is eager to get you the gains that you have needed since our CA expired over a year ago. Unfortunately, the employer has responded to only about half of proposals—not including some key financial demands.

We need your help to win a fair contract.


On Jan. 12, your BC met with a conciliation officer in order to expedite negotiations. This had little effect. On Feb. 8, your BC filed a “no-board,” signaling that we are prepared to take action to ensure that we get to a fair deal in a timely manner. Alongside Unit 1, we also took a significant step forward in initiating a strike vote.



While a “yes” to the strike vote does not automatically trigger a strike, it sends the employer a message of unity across postdocs: we are willing to fight together to ensure that we get the gains—the respect, dignity, and livable financial support—that we deserve.

You received an email on Feb. 8 that included a link and all necessary information to vote. Any member who has been employed by Unit 5 (postdocs) in the last 12 months is eligible to vote. It is possible that you are eligible yet did not receive an email (or only an email for Unit 1).

If you believe this is the case, please click the link below to fill out the following form:


Other things you can do include:

  • Sign our bargaining pledge.
  • Join the Contract Action Team.
  • View our press event.

Click here to visit our LinkTree, where you can take action on 1, 2, or 3!


I’m voting yes on the strike vote because my take-home pay is not enough to cover my basic expenses. Some months, I have to take money out of savings just to pay my bills. University of Toronto workers deserve compensation that covers the cost of living.” ~ Eric Hagen, Unit 5 Contract Action Team Member

Unit 5 Bargaining team:

Federica Berdini
Sami Mamand
Eriks Bredovskis
Sarah Warren
Alexander Tinius

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