๐Ÿ“Œ Bargaining Bulletin 3: A Plan for Stronger Research

Unit 5 Bargaining Bulletin
October 20, 2023
Bulletin #3


The second meeting between the Bargaining Committee (BC) and your employer was Monday, Oct. 16. This week, the BC presented two key proposals that address the need for greater recognition for the groundbreaking work that postdocs do.

  1. Research funds for postdocs. Our research is integral to the international reputation of the university, yet we often have to foot the bill to join scholarly associations and present our work at conferences. Adequate professional development support is not only necessary for our development as scholars, itโ€™s advantageous to the university. Our response? A professional expenses allowance with clear-cut criteria regarding expense eligibility (based on UFTA standards).
  2. Training recognition and compensation. Many PIs have postdocs train their graduate students without recognition or compensation for this additional responsibility. Our response? Let postdocs choose to take on training responsibilities, andโ€”if they doโ€”acknowledge and compensate this vital work.

Our next table dates: Nov. 2, 16, and 23.


Postdocs are the backbone of academic research and teaching in higher educationโ€”we work long hours to develop cutting-edge research, provide high-quality instruction, mentor emerging scholars, and enhance the prestige of our institutions.

Universities depend on our labour. But our contracts donโ€™t reflect this.

Negotiating a new contract is our chance to fight for what we deserve. But we need to show the university that we are organized and willing to take action!


To win improvements to our working conditions, we all must come together.

Want to take action? Sign the bargaining pledge below to tell the university that you deserve better and are willing to fight for it.

Want to be a leader in the fight for postdoc respect and recognition? Join the Contract Action Team (CAT). CATs are integral to getting the word out to fellow workers about the collective bargaining process. Time commitments and duties are highly flexible!

Click here to sign the bargaining pledge, where you can also join the CAT.


โ€œI am ready to bargain because I want to see postdocs’ crucial contribution to U of T’s mission recognized with fair remuneration and better benefits.โ€ ~ Sami Mamand, Unit 5 Member Representative

Unit 5 Bargaining team:

Federica Berdini
Sami Mamand
Zofia Ostrowska-Podhorodecka
Christien Garcia
Eriks Bredovskis

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