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CUPE 3902 + CUPE 3261 Joint Bulletin (March 2, 2024)

In the summer of 2023, you and your coworkers in CUPE 3902 and 3261 began a unified bargaining campaign. Together, over 8,000 workers had a vision for what the U of T should look like as a university and as a workplace – a vision that starts with a living wage and better working conditions. From the beginning, the university has insisted on keeping us divided, but you organized, built solidarity, and together you are part of a historic, unified campaign. We know that we are stronger together.

This week, in the final days leading up to the March 4 strike deadline, your unity and collective strength have yielded progress and valuable gains – but, significant issues remain unaddressed. Five bargaining units started our contract negotiations united and united we will win.

This weekend, via email, you will select your preferred picketing shifts and receive your schedule for the week. You will hear about final schedules for picket duty on Sunday. In addition, any updates about Monday and a potential strike will be made abundantly clear by email and text.

Until you hear otherwise, be prepared to strike on Monday.


CUPE 3261

All three bargaining units had time at the table on Friday, March 1, and the employer proposed improved offers. Some of the significant movements include:

  • Raising shift premiums to +$1/hr for FTPT, establishing equivalent premiums at 89 Chestnut
  • Employer to pay a higher portion of our healthcare insurance premium, covering 85% (up from 75%)
  • Employer to pay 90% of the dental insurance premium (up from 80%)
  • Realignments of cooks to $25.50/hr and cafeteria workers to $25/hr
  • Equitable shift distribution language and 4 paid sick days for Casuals

However, many of our issues remain unaddressed in their offers. Any and all proposals to address contracting out and understaffing have been rejected by the employer for all units. The employer continues to reject aligning our FTPT and Casual contracts to expire with 89 Chestnut and CUPE 3902. Casuals have not seen improvements in their current strict conversion criteria or clothing allowances, and benefits were rejected. 89 Chestnut is being told to wait up to 3 years to align vacation entitlements with FTPT.

Strike preparations continue and we will be at the table through the weekend.

CUPE 3902 Unit 1

Many of the issues that remain unaddressed by your employer relate to Unit 1’s proposals – proposals that reflect the needs and demands of over 6.000 contract education workers. Six weeks after you tabled your wages proposal, your employer has finally put their first counter-offer on the table. You proposed to increase wages by 10% in 2024, 5% in 2025, and 5% in 2026. These numbers seek to boost your stagnant wages so that they can catch up with skyrocketing levels of inflation. 

Your employer has proposed the following wage increases: an increase of 9% in 2024, 2% in 2025, and 1.8% in 2026. Does your employer actually think that these increases will bring you up to the cost of living, after years of stagnant wages and rising inflation? 

Clearly, several issues that matter the most to you and your coworkers remain unresolved: wage increases that address inflation and rising cost of living, 100% coverage of UHIP premiums, guaranteed subsequent appointments for undergraduate and master’s TAs, and a clear financial commitment to subsidized transit for student workers. 

Strike preparations continue and we will be at the table through the weekend.

CUPE 3902 Unit 5 

Late yesterday evening (Friday, March 1 around 10:00pm), Unit 5 returned to the table. Here are some brief updates:

  • The employer made critical movement on financial proposals, including an increase of the minimum salary to $50K upon ratification (currently just over $36K)—meaning that nearly half of all postdocs will see an immediate salary increase in addition to across-the-board salary increases.
  • The proposal for additional professional development funds was accepted by the employer, who proposed a $350 per year allowance moving forward (in addition to travel and accommodation expense reimbursement for conference attendance requested by a supervisor).
  • While the creation of this development fund is historic, $350 falls short of the cost of even hotel and accommodations for most professional development activities—excluding additional costs like membership and registration fees. 
  • The employer’s latest proposal still lacks a fourth year for our Collective Agreement: since 20% of Unit 5 members also teach as Unit 1 members, negotiating both contracts at the same time only makes sense.
  • We hope for further developments on key priorities for Unit 1.

Strike preparations continue and we will be at the table through the weekend.


  • On Monday, March 4 from 9:00 to 11:00am, join your coworkers and allies at King’s College Circle for a rally to kick off our picket lines!
  • Indicate your picket shift preferences (you’ll receive your assigned shifts on Sunday).

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