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Our Collective Vision in Action

In early December, your representatives from CUPE 1230, 3261, and 3902 met at the 2023 Bargaining Conference to map out a unified campaign to fight for better wages and working conditions for over 8,000 U of T workers. Why? Because U of T tries to create divisions between workers at every turn, by separating you and your coworkers into different Locals and Units, and even mandating different pay for the same work!

The negotiating table is a key place where the employer tries to codify and enforce divisions. Yet, the bargaining process provides critical opportunities to resist their divide and conquer tactics. In our first post-conference step towards a unified campaign, the bargaining committees for all three Locals filed for conciliation on the same day. Filing for conciliation means that a Conciliation Officer will meet with the parties and attempt to reach a tentative agreement.

Our unified campaign highlights the shared struggles you and your coworkers face, whether you work in a library, a classroom, or a cafeteria: distress due to inadequate wages, burnout from overwork, disrespect in the workplace, favouritism, job insecurity, and much more. If the employer isn’t willing to give us dignified work, we’re more than ready to fight collectively for what we deserve!

Holiday Solidarity Rally

In a show of collective strength on Dec. 18, 2023, roughly 200 members of CUPE 1230, 3261, and 3902 and their allies braved the rain to rally on the front steps of Simcoe Hall, just before the U of T Governing Council meeting. MCed by Santa Claus, the rally featured speakers from across the three locals and CUPE Ontario President Fred Hahn, all of whom highlighted the importance of coordinated campaigning and worker solidarity.

You and your coworkers filled out wish lists and deposited them into a giant wrapped gift box addressed to the Governing Council, telling them what you really want this holiday season: livable wages, equal work for equal pay, safe and dignified workplaces, and more!

At the start of the Governing Council meeting, reps from each Local plus rank-and-file members delivered the gift box, and then placed letters on each seat and table in the chambers. The letters, signed by each Local’s president, underscored the undue burdens and injustices faced by U of T workers. Although the Governing Council rejected our requests to speak, we made our presence and our collective vision known.

Take Action!

Join the fight by getting involved with your Local’s bargaining campaign:

CUPE 1230 Contract Action Team Signup
CUPE 3261 Contract Action Team Signup
CUPE 3902 Unit 1 Get Involved Signup
CUPE 3902 Unit 5 Linktree

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