For the first time at the University of Toronto, seven employee groups across three CUPE Local unions (CUPE 1230, CUPE 3261, and CUPE 3902) have been negotiating together for a fair collective agreement. We represent more than 8,000 workers across U of T’s three campuses. We are instructional workers , library workers, postdocs, caretakers, course instructors, cafeteria workers, athletic facility attendants, hospitality workers, and much more! 

We were able to negotiate fair contracts for members of CUPE 3902 and 3261, but the University of Toronto has yet to table an offer for library workers – members of CUPE 1230 – that is equitable.

We are essential to providing a world-class educational experience to the U of T community, but our collective agreements do not reflect the value we bring to this institution. For too long, we’ve seen our employer divide us to treat us unequally, but we face the same issues: unlivable wages, job insecurity, and burnout from overwork. No more! Now, we are using our collective voice to send a strong message to the University of Toronto: we all deserve respect, dignity, and a living wage. 

Like so many workers across Ontario, we have been negatively impacted by Bill 124 (2019), which  illegally capped annual wage increases for public sector workers at 1%. Although Bill 124 was struck down in 2022 and recently ruled unconstitutional, it did significant damage in just three years. Now, workers at U of T are demanding wage increases that reflect the skyrocketing cost of living in the Greater Toronto Area. If the University of Toronto isn’t willing to give us dignified work so we can support excellent educational and support services, we’re more than ready to fight collectively for what we all deserve! 

CUPE 1230 represents nearly 400 workers at U of T Libraries across 30+ departments. CUPE 1230 consists of two units whose collective agreements both expired on June 30, 2023: the Full-Time and Part-Time unit and the Student Casual unit that, together, facilitate access to critical information that enables research and learning at U of T.

CUPE 3261 represents over 1,000 service workers across three different units at U of T (Full-Time Part-Time, Casual, and 89 Chestnut Student Residence). We are cafeteria workers, caretakers, grounds workers, hospitality workers, maintenance workers, utility drivers, building patrol officers and attendants, and much more. Collectively, we keep our spaces clean, safe, and accessible for everyone in the university community. Cafeteria workers and cooks provide thousands of meals per day to students and staff. Student residence staff provide a sense of community to students at U of T, including those studying far from home.

With over 7,000 members, CUPE 3902 Unit 1 represents student and postdoctoral workers with instructional positions such as teaching assistants, course instructors, invigilators, and more. Unit 5 represents postdoctoral researchers at U of T. Teaching Assistants provide frontline instructional support for U of T students, including providing written feedback on assignments, but also playing a key role in running lab experiments, discussion tutorials, and even entire courses (including writing and delivering lectures). Most importantly, they are usually the first (and sometimes only) point of contact for students in a course. Postdoctoral Fellows at the University of Toronto conduct breakthrough research across all disciplines at the university.