Bargaining Bulletin #6

Executive Summary

  • On November 10, 2022, CUPE 3902, Unit 3 filed a “No Board Report.” When accepted by the Ministry of Labor, this starts the 17-day countdown to your legal strike position.
  • The Employer continues to signal an unwillingness to improve the advancement processes outlined in your Collective Agreement (CA) that expired 438 days ago.
  • But 85% of a record number of you voted to authorize a strike, a notable show of power. 
  • At this point in bargaining, we’re close to clearing most non-monetary big items off the table – with the notable exception of advancement. Bargaining will continue on November 18, 22, 24, 30 and December 1, 13, 14, and 16.
  • Show the Employer that you won’t back down without better job security! 

Please see below for more details. 


Bargaining Bulletin #6 – Expanded

On November 10, 2022, in the presence of Conciliation Officer Greg Long, your BT announced to the Employer the intention to file a “No Board Report.” As explained to the Employer, your BT took this step because the Employer has signaled an unwillingness to negotiate improvements to advancement. To be clear, the advancement process requires long-serving Unit 3 members to apply to receive modest pay increases and limited job security.

The Employer’s familiar refrains about “eroding the quality of education” and “Unit 3 workers were never intended to be permanent” indicate to the BT that they are either out of touch with the reality of Unit 3 workers or deliberately unwilling to make systemic changes that would recognize and improve Unit 3 working conditions and job security. If the Employer is against pay increases and job security, we invite them to revoke their own.

On November 9, when your BT informed the Employer of the results of the Unit 3 strike vote (85% yes of a record number of voters), the reaction was little more than a “who cares?” shrug of the shoulders. Instead of showing signs of understanding Unit 3 frustrations, the Employer pontificated about their intention to maintain the status quo. Perhaps they haven’t been watching the CUPE-OBSCU news? 

Perhaps they haven’t seen what we have: workers united in solidarity can topple even draconian, union-busting, unconstitutional legislation. Inspired by the bravery and solidarity of CUPE-OBSCU and by the strong strike mandate you have given, Unit 3 presses on. Your BT is close to clearing most non-monetary items off the table. In upcoming sessions planned for November 18, 22, 24, and 30, we expect to move on to tackling advancement head on, and then financials. 

Next steps on the strike timeline include heightened strike preparation, picket captain training, sign-making, and setting up systems for strike pay. Check out our Strike FAQ for answers to your questions. And look out for upcoming online teach-ins on how to prepare for a strike. 

And remember, students move U of T. Talking to your students is working. We see them participating in the e-action and calling for proper job security for you. Let’s keep it up! Use this guide to talk to your students about the strike

Remember to check for updates and to share this webpage with colleagues, students, and other allies. We. Are. U. Of. T.

In solidarity,

The Unit 3 Bargaining Team

Erich Vogt
Frédérique Vézina 
Thomas Robles
Kenneth McNeilly
Thomas Laughlin
Keshav Krishnamurty 
Amy Conwell
David Simao
Leila Meskine

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