Bargaining Bulletin #2

Executive Summary

  • The CUPE 3902 Unit 3 Collective Agreement expired on August 31, 2021
  • Your Bargaining Team (BT) has met with the Employer ten times
  • Your BT has pushed for more dates to speed up the process, but the Employer claims to lack availability
  • Despite the slow pace, moderate progress has been made at the table
  • However, the Employer has yet to respond to many of Unit 3’s high-priority proposals
  • In the coming weeks, expect a phone call to discuss your bargaining priorities with a Union representative
  • A strike mandate vote will be held in near future to put Unit 3 in a legal strike position, which will communicate both urgency and resolve to the Employer. In the meantime, if you have not already done so, please consider signing this pledge to demonstrate to the Employer the solidarity of Unit 3. Rest assured that individual names will not be shared with the Employer.

If you have time to read more details about your BT’s progress, please see below.  



Each September, there are new members in CUPE 3902 Unit 3 – welcome, new members! For those of you – both new and returning – who may have missed Bulletin #1, you can find it linked here.

Despite the fact that your Collective Agreement expired on August 31, 2021, your Bargaining Team (BT) and the Employer have met only ten times thus far. Your BT has been pushing for more dates to speed up the process, but the Employer’s team continues to drag their feet, claiming limited availability.

While the bargaining process has been slow, your BT has still been able to make some progress. However, the BT has yet to present on and/or hear responses to your bargaining priorities: (1) pathways to permanent employment; (2) improvements to job security and advancement; and (3) wages and benefits.

In the coming weeks, one of your Unit 3 colleagues will be calling to discuss these priorities with you. These phone calls will be made with an eye to setting a date for a strike mandate vote. A high strike mandate vote will put Unit 3 in a legal position to take action if necessary, and will help compel the Employer to meet with your BT and to treat your priorities with the respect and thoughtfulness they deserve. 

You were previously invited to participate in a pledge to indicate your support for the bargaining process. If you have not yet signed the pledge and wish to, you can find it here. Individual names will not be shared with the Employer.

Your BT will continue to keep you updated throughout the process.

In solidarity,

The Unit 3 Bargaining Team

Erich Vogt

Frédérique Vézina 

Thomas Robles

Kenneth McNeilly

Thomas Laughlin

Keshav Krishnamurty 

Amy Conwell

David Simao

Leila Meskine

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