What are We DEMANDING?

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Our Demands

Transformative. Essential. Fair.

The following priorities pertain to our current round of collective bargaining for CUPE 3902, Unit 3. By endorsing bargaining priorities, we affirm our collective intention to work together, to engage with the process, to support our elected bargaining team, and to organize ourselves in pursuit of our aims.

Our priorities reflect both the concerns of the membership and the realities of the Conservatives’ union-busting Bill 124.  Despite the unfair financial limitations the Bill imposes, our colleagues in Units 1, 5, 6 and 7 have paved the way with their own successful rounds of bargaining, proving that significant non-monetary gains are there to be won, if we remain committed to our priorities and dogged in our pursuit of them.  

Your Bargaining Committee is committed to winning gains in each of the priorities listed below and beyond.

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