Bargaining Bulletin #12

Executive Summary

  • This is the final Bargaining Bulletin!
  • After a presentation of the gains made in bargaining this round, Unit 3 members who were present at the meeting on December 9 voted unanimously to send the tentative agreement to the full membership for a ratification vote.
  • The ratification vote was opened immediately following the December 9 meeting and was closed at 8pm on December 11.  
  • 461 Unit 3 members voted, and of those 94.3% voted yes to ratification.
  • Congratulations! You have a new Collective Agreement!
  • Over the next couple of months, the Union will follow up with details on retroactivity for pay increases, etc. Now is a time when you, the members, have to learn about your new CA and make sure it is being upheld in your departments.
  • Congratulations on your engagement in the process. From the Ready to Bargain action to the Strike vote, Unit 3 has never been this organized. Naming all of the people who have been so vital to this process would be impossible. For all things that you have done – both seen and unseen – we are incredibly honoured to have been part of this journey.

We. Are. U. Of. T.

In solidarity,

The Unit 3 Bargaining Team

Erich Vogt
Frédérique Vézina 
Thomas Robles
Kenneth McNeilly
Steven Logan
Thomas Laughlin
Amy Conwell
David Simao
Leila Meskine

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