🗳 Bargaining Committee Election

Dear postdoc friends,

I am writing to provide information about the Unit 5 Special Membership Meeting to elect a Bargaining Committee, which will take place Wednesday, 9th from 5-7 PM. Here is the agenda package.

At this meeting you will elect up to five members to join the Bargaining Committee which is tasked with negotiating a new collective agreement for Unit 5 (Postdocs). You can find more information about the Bargaining Committee Roles and Responsibilities here. 

Nominations are now open! The election procedure is as follows:

  • Up to five Bargaining Committee members will be elected at the November 9th Membership Meeting, 5-7pm. 
  • Nominations are now open and will close during the Membership Meeting. Members in good standing may self-nominate or be nominated by another member in good standing.
  • Each nomination requires a seconder and must be accepted.
  • Nominations and self-nominations can be made and seconded via email to the Third Vice President (vp3@cupe3902.org) in advance of the meeting. Use “Nomination” in the subject line.
  • At the meeting, there will be three rounds of calls for nominations. Nominations will then be closed. Each nominated member will then be asked if they accept their nomination.
  • If the election is not contested the nominees will be acclaimed as Bargaining Committee members. If the election is contested (if we have more than 5 nominees), each nominee will be given 2 mins to speak.
  • Members in attendance will vote electronically and each voter must vote for 5 people in order for their ballot to be valid.

To attend the meeting, you need to register on the Member PortalFor support, consult this guide. You will be sent a Zoom link the morning of the meeting. In order to register, you must sign your Union card!This is what makes you a political member of the Union. Just follow the steps below! 

If you have questions, please reach out.

You are your Union! 

In solidarity,
Christien Garcia
Third Vice President (Unit 5), CUPE 3902

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