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Bargaining Updates

Our bargaining updates summarize what has been going on at the table and highlight opportunities for you to support the process. Read through them below to learn about the progress we’ve made, and where we’re at right now.

  • Our Unit 3 Tentative Agreement for the 2021-2024 Term is Now Ratified!
    We opened a Unit-wide vote on our Tentative Agreement on Friday, December 9th, and closed it on Sunday, December 11th. In total, 94.3% of members voted YES to form a new Collective Agreement (renewed for the term from September…
  • Bargaining Bulletin #12
    Executive Summary This is the final Bargaining Bulletin! After a presentation of the gains made in bargaining this round, Unit 3 members who were present at the meeting on December 9 voted unanimously to send the tentative…
  • Bargaining Bulletin #11
    Executive Summary Unit 3 has reached a tentative agreement! Shortly after 3am on Friday, December 9, your Bargaining Team (BT) and the Employer finalized the remaining items that needed resolution.  Your BT believes…
  • Bargaining Bulletin #10
    Executive Summary Unit 3 is not on strike. Yet. Today, continue performing your work as usual. Your Bargaining Team (BT) extended the strike deadline past 12:01am on December 8. As such, Bargaining continued…
  • Bargaining Bulletin #9
    Executive Summary Members of your CUPE3902 Unit 3 Bargaining Team (BT) are hard at work on your behalf, pressing the Employer for meaningful gains right up to tomorrow’s strike deadline – 12:01am on…
  • Register for Picket Duty and Strike Pay Now!
    Your bargaining team continues to sit at the negotiations table to push with you for a fair agreement. The University needs to recognize the important work that you do and improve your working conditions….

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