Register for Picket Duty and Strike Pay Now!

Your bargaining team continues to sit at the negotiations table to push with you for a fair agreement. The University needs to recognize the important work that you do and improve your working conditions. Until they do, we continue to plan for a strike of all Unit 3 members.

Picketing is part of the strike process, which helps prevent the Employer from hiring replacement workers, cause major disruption to the regular functions of the workplace, and compel the Employer to accept workers’ demands. The more of us who picket, the more leverage we have. Picket captains and a strike coordinator will ensure that your pickets are located strategically, in order to be as effective as possible.

You will not be paid by the Employer while you are on strike. As part of the Union, however, you will be paid a maximum of $300/week for 20 hours of picket work. To qualify for strike pay, you need to:

  • Be an active, dues-paying member of Unit 3
  • Complete a Strike Pay form with your Strike Committee
  • Participate in strike duties as assigned by your Strike Committee.

We are asking you now to register for picket duties and, at the same time, qualify for strike pay. You can register here.

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