U5 Bargaining Survey

MAY 2023

ARE YOU A UNIT 5 POSTDOC? Unit 5 Postdocs are currently negotiating a new Collective Agreement with the University. These contract negotiations are your opportunity to improve your compensation and working conditions. As part of this process, your Bargaining Committee has launched the 2023 Bargaining Survey.

WHAT IS THE BARGAINING SURVEY? The bargaining survey is one of the ways you direct the bargaining process. Based on the survey, the Bargaining Committee will develop bargaining priorities and draft proposals to present to the University.

Postdocs are the HEART OF RESEARCH at the University. It is time your world-class research was compensated with good jobs! Have your say in what this looks like by filling out this brief survey! And join with your co-workers to fight for a fair deal with the University!


What are the 3 most important things you want to improve in your workplace?

On a scale of 1 to 5, please rate the following issues (1 = not important, 5 = very important):

Bargaining Pledge

Postdocs are the heart of world class research at the UofT. Research at the university could not carry on without you. Together all of you have the power to push the university to provide better compensation and necessary job supports to ensure that you continue to produce the caliber of research that the university’s reputation relies on.  

Act now! Pledge support for your bargaining team and show the university that you're ready to bargain for a fair contract by adding your name below!

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