Support the Team!

Ways our members and allies can support us

Ways Members Can Support Us

If you’re a member of the local and looking for ways that you can support your Unit 1 bargaining committee, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve listed a few of the ways that you can help below and will be updating this list regularly! We’ve added some downloadable resources further down on this page to help you out!

Ways Allies Can Support Us


Send an Email to UofT!

Are you an ally? Well, we’d love your support! We’ve set up an easy to use e-action that allies can use to send an e-mail directly to the University of Toronto. No need to figure out who to send it to or what to say – we’ve done all the heavy lifting for you! Click on the button below to fill out our e-action and send an email to the University demanding a fair deal for the members of CUPE 3902, Unit 1.