What are We DEMANDING?

Learn more about what we’re demanding at the table

Postdocs have identified two key bargaining priorities:

1. fair wages & Benefits

It is time the University compensated your world-class research with livable wages and good benefits. For the past three years, the Ford Government’s Bill 124 limited wage increases to 1% per year. At the same time, you have faced record inflation and the housing crisis, which has made living in Toronto next to impossible with what the University pays you. The good news is, Bill 124 no longer applies.

2. Respect & Recognition

The University’s strategy of treating Postdocs as “trainees” rather than employees devalues your contribution to the University’s research excellence. In this round of bargaining, you are fighting for a number of changes to improve the status of postdocs, including access to research and professionalization expenses, intellectual property rights, and better job security. These changes won’t just be good for postdocs, they will be good for research!

Now what?

The only way that these Bargaining Priorities will be met is if the University sees that Postdocs are ready to fight for them. Click the link below to Sign the Bargaining Pledge and consider becoming a Contact Action Team (CAT) member!