What Are We Demanding?


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Scroll all the way down for the full language of our proposals package, which we presented to U of T on our first day at the table.

1. Pay & Benefits

You deserve to live and work in Toronto with financial stability and access to adequate benefits. Your bargaining team has identified enhanced pay and benefits, access to secure transit options, and increased financial assistance and equity fund resources as top priorities.

2. Workload Standards & Job Security

You and your coworkers have identified disparities across departments when it comes to work allocation and subsequent appointments. Your bargaining team will present proposals to the employer to strengthen transparency and consistency regarding job duties and responsibilities, allocation of hours, workload reviews, contract lengths and minimum standard hours.

3. Healthier & Safer Workplaces

Your employer is obligated to provide you with a healthy and safe work environment, whether you’re working on campus or remotely. Key priorities for the bargaining team include removal of workplace hazards (such as asbestos), improved language and mechanisms surrounding workplace harassment, guaranteed access workplace safety training, and creating more ergonomic workplaces.

4. Inclusion & Anti-Oppression

You and your coworkers have expressed the need for more inclusive and equitable workplaces in order to better address institutional inequalities. Your bargaining team is committed to pushing for transparent processes and mechanisms for reporting and addressing discrimination and workplace harassment/violence. At the bargaining table, they will also prioritize protecting workers’ intellectual property and outside work, guaranteed access to critical infrastructures and resources (such as gender neutral bathrooms) and access to paid anti-oppression training. 

Full Language Proposals

Article 4: No Discrimination
Article 4: Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment
Article 7: Union Security
Article 11:05: Departmental Workload Review Committee
Article 14: Grievance Procedure Definition
Article 15: Arbitration
Article 16: Appointments
Article 18: Course Instructors
Article 19: Employee Evaluation and Records
Article 25: Employee Financial Assistance Fund
Article 26: Salaries
Article 27: Transit and Office Rent

Check out our Proposal Tracker to see what we’ve tabled and how the University has responded.

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