BB Collaborate

How to Use BB Collaborate to Support Your Team

Adding a Short Note as an Introduction

Unlike Zoom, BB Collaborate does not offer an opportunity to change one’s background. As an alternative, you can share your screen for the first 10 minutes of a tutorial, for example 15:00-15:10, and then stop the screen share when the tutorial starts proper.

  • In one tab, open
  • In another tab, open Quercus/BB Collaborate on Chrome or Microsoft Edge. Try to avoid using Firefox or Safari as they are not supported and can lead to difficulties.
  • On the bottom right, click the purple icon for Settings
  • Then you will see an icon of a small box with an arrow (Share Content icon), click this.
  • Select the Share Application/Screen button to open a box.
  • There are three options: entire screen/application window/Chrome tab.
  • Click on the application window option. There are multiple screen that you can potentially share.
  • Select the correct one!
  • When you are ready to stop sharing, the button will be at the bottom.

Example of a Short Note

“CUPE 3902 is the Union that represents the interests of Teaching Assistants at UofT. CUPE 3902 fights to make sure that we work under fair conditions. Our working rights are laid out in a document called a Collective Agreement. This gets renegotiated every three years, and we are in the middle of negotiations for a new Collective Agreement now! What do we want? A fair living wage, transparent hiring practices, improved mental health services, and clear job duties. Basically, if our working conditions improve, this means a better classroom environment for you! If you have any questions, I will be around at the end of class”