A Better Vision

The University of Toronto is a great university because it has great employees.

Those employees teach your classes, lead your tutorials, serve your food, ensure your internet is running, and keep our three campuses clean and safe.

The U of T would not be the world class educational facility it is without the tremendous work these people do on your behalf each and every day.

The staff here at U of T are mostly represented by a number of different union locals, who bargain with the university for contracts for their respective members.

Unfortunately, our efforts are often overlooked & undervalued.  Staff are often underpaid and their work is precarious.  This has an immediate and profound impact on your learning.

That is why Union locals across campus have combined forces to create a joint campaign as we all head to the bargaining table this year to negotiate new contracts.

We have a better vision for Canada’s top university:  a University of Toronto where work is valued, staff are respected and no one earns poverty wages.

Our nine key demands articulate this clearly.  We believe that the U of T should be a place where:
1) No worker makes less than $15/hour
2) No worker teaches a half-course for less than $10,000
3) Every worker has a reasonable path to permanent employment
4) Every worker has paid sick days for themselves & their dependents
5) All facilities are kept clean & safe by U of T employees
6) Healthy, affordable food is prepared & served by U of T employees
7) These employees have benefits & the ability to retire with dignity
8) Graduate students have a minimum funding guarantee of $20,000/year
9) Work & study are safe, hazard-free, barrier-free, accessible & affordable for all employees

Each union local believes that these nine key demands are an essential foundation for the future health and well-being of students and staff at the University of Toronto.

Our working conditions are your learning conditions, and by supporting the 2020 Vision campaign, you are sending a message to the University that you want to make this already great university an even better place.

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